Piedmont Counseling Center History

We are happy you want to learn more about Piedmont Counseling Center!  A number of years ago, Dr. Spriggs attempted to find a counselor for a family member and was surprised with his experience.  Finding a counselor was not easy.  He could not reach anyone directly and had to leave a number of voicemails which were not returned.  The counselors who did call back were not clear about the focus of their work.  Once Dr. Spriggs selected a counselor, this person claimed to accept a form of payment, but after counseling began, this form payment was not accepted.

Dr. Spriggs founded Piedmont Counseling Center with the aim of providing counseling services with excellence and making these services easily accessible and user-friendly to the people of the Piedmont Triad. Piedmont Counseling Center is home to caring staff who are licensed, competent, prompt, and responsive to individuals seeking counseling service.    Each of our therapists has invested many years of education and practical experience in learning how to effectively help people.  To learn more about the types of counseling we offer, see our services page. Piedmont Counseling Center’s first office was located in North Winston-Salem.  Piedmont Counseling Center moved to Kernersville in 2016.  The Kernersville office is much roomier and more comfortable than the old office.  The Kernersville location is centrally located and easily accessible to Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and other Piedmont Triad Locations.  Take a look at our directions page and click on the map to input your address and see how far our office is from your home.

Easy to Access

We know coming to counseling can be difficult so we want to be easily accessible and friendly.  If you call us Monday-Friday from 9am to 8pm, you have the option of speaking with our receptionist who can answer many questions for you and if you are ready, can immediately schedule an appointment for you.  You also have the option of leaving a private voicemail for our counselors.  We are very prompt at returning phone calls, often the same day.  You will not have a long wait time to see us.  Unless you need a very specific appointment time, your first counseling appointment will be within 2 weeks and often within a few days.

Renewed Minds, Restored Relationships, Transformed Lives

At Piedmont, we teach thinking patterns as well as healthy relating skills to achieve healthier emotions, lifestyles, and relationships leading to transformed lives.

Our Goals

At Piedmont Counseling Center, we want each patient to have a good experience from the moment the learn about us.  We want you to feel like you have been served cordially and with attention to your needs, whether you are exchanging emails with us, speaking with us on the phone, or coming to your appointment.  Our blog provides mental health related information to anyone at no charge.  By providing relevant information that is accessible without charge or commitment, we hope to be helpful to individuals who may never come to a counseling appointment.

Finally, we provide effective psychotherapy.  Our treatments are researched based and our staff are lifelong learners who are committed to refining our skills as mental health professionals.  We use proven methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the Gottman method to provide you with psychotherapy that will help you achieve your goals.

Please see our services page to learn more about how we may be able to serve you.

If you have any questions about Piedmont Counseling Center, please contact us.  We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.